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What’s Good For You (And Us) Is What We Do.

We’re Nutrition Devotees And Wellness Seekers Simply Trying To Make Life A Little Healthier And A Lot Tastier. Smart nutrition leads to better health and happiness…and we’re all here for that!

Made with Love

“At Sipt, we want to provide convenient but smart option all while also creating a sense of community where our customers can feel good about what they’re consuming and we can all learn from each other.”

Carina, creator and owner of Sipt.

Loved this place
I spent the entire morning doing work and tried their avo toast, veggie rolls, oat milk late and even their drip coffee. This spot is hands down a specialty coffee "gem" to those who can appreciate it. They do a good job at ensuring that their packaging is compostable too so we can feel great about not using as much "single-use" containers.
This is beyond the best quality food you've ever eaten in your life. I have some avocado toast here that I got earlier at Sipt, and nothing I say can do it justice--that is how good it is. While at the cafe before, I had a smoothie made with blueberries, figs, beets and almond milk. It was fabulous.
I was thrilled when Sipt opened. Finally, a juice and smoothie/bowl place that uses quality ingredients. The juice blends are creative and very tasty/healthy and many are condition specific--post-workout, digestion, beauty from within, etc. I also had the avocado toast which was fresh and flavorful. The bowls are also the real deal--made to order and topped with fresh fruit, nuts, seeds and so on. The decor is clean and modern. The staff are welcoming and want to help you figure out what to get. I haven't had coffee for any of the vegan lattes, including matcha--but I will. Also seems like the kind of place that would be good to work at--meaning hang out and work there at one of their tables. Sipt helps raise the standards of Cle's healthy food offerings!
“If you live on a vegan or vegetarian diet, this place is amazing. The most flavorful vegan food I’ve ever had.”

Thank You New Day Cleveland For The Great Coverage!

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